Response to Those Who Defend Ta’weez

I came across a post that a sister forwarded in order to prove the permissibility of wearing ta’weez. We will, in sha’ Allāh, answer each of the claim that the post contains. 

The Oneness of Allah

Taken from Kitaab at-Tawheed

Daily Supplications

We have dua` for everything and there is reward for using these dua`s (in sha’ Allāh). This post contains minimum dua`s that we all should know and memorize.

Danger of Wearing Ta’weez

Amulet (a.k.a ta’weez) is haraam and strictly prohibited in Islam. So much so that it’s proven to be shirk. 

Explanation of “Fight Against Yourself” by Shaykh Al-Albani

This was question posed to Shaykh Al-Albāni regarding his statement “Fight against yourself” and explanation by Sheikh on the matter of jihad today and what should be done.